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Episode #144: “Breaking Down The Psychology of Money”

With Adrian Furnham Professor of Psychology | Author | Academic


Join us as Adrian Furnham offers profound insights into the psychology of money, guiding you toward a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with your money. Learn how to navigate the complexities of money, unlock your true potential, and ultimately achieve greater financial well-being.


Adrian Frank Furnham is a highly accomplished BPS chartered occupational psychologist and chartered health psychologist. With an extensive background in academia, Adrian has lectured at renowned institutions such as Oxford’s Pembroke College, the University of West Indies, and the Henley Management College. He is currently an adjunct professor at BI Norwegian Business School and a professor at University College London. Adrian’s research interests span various fields within psychology, including applied, economic, health, occupational, social, and differential psychology. With 96 published books, three Ph. Ds and over 1,200 peer-reviewed journal articles, Adrian is recognized as a leading expert in the psychology of money.

Why You Should Listen:

Explore the depths of the human mind and its intricate relationship with money in this thought-provoking conversation with Adrian Furnham. Discover the essential principles from the psychology of money that can transform your financial well-being. Gain a deeper understanding of the research-backed strategies to navigate the complexities of money and maximize your overall happiness in life. Whether you’re seeking financial freedom, improved relationships with money, or a greater sense of fulfillment, this episode offers a wealth of wisdom to empower your financial journey.


  1. The Enigma of Money: Unveiling why psychologists have often overlooked the study of money and its impact on our lives.
  2. Vocational Guidance Secrets: Unraveling the key to happiness through vocational guidance and aligning your passions with monetary success.
  3. From Childhood to Adulthood: Exploring how early experiences shape our relationship with Money and influence our financial behaviours as Adults.
  4. Beyond the Surface: Delving into the different perspectives of psychologists, economists, and their unique approaches to understanding money.
  5. Unmasking Money Associations: Investigating the psychological themes associated with money, including power, love, security, and freedom.


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