Making Better Money Decisions With Money & Love

With Abby Davisson | Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur |


In this conversation Abby Davisson explores the interconnection of love and money, challenging the flawed socialization that separates the two. It delves into the historical context of marriage and money, highlighting the importance of transparent conversations about money in relationships. The influence of upbringing and parents’ careers on money mindset is discussed, along with the power of passing on stories. The journey of co-authoring a book and the impact of collaboration between individuals from different backgrounds is explored. The creation of a framework for decision-making, known as the Five C’s, is introduced, with a focus on the challenging step of clarifying what’s important. Abby discusses the importance of clarifying values and intentions in relationships, particularly when it comes to money. She emphasizes the need for individuals to understand their own values and communicate them effectively to their partners. Abby also highlights the impact of a lack of clarity on relationships and the importance of having difficult conversations. She shares insights from her work at the Money and Love Institute, which aims to help financial advisors integrate the elements of money and love in their conversations with clients.


Abby Davisson has dedicated her career to helping others achieve their goals, first as a social innovation leader and now as an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Prior to founding the Money and Love Institute, she spent nearly a decade driving social impact at global retailer Gap Inc., where she served as president of the Gap Foundation and co-founded the company’s employee resource group for working parents. Abby’s prior professional experience includes strategy-focused roles at Tipping Point Community, the NYC Department of Education, and The Bridgespan Group, as well as experience serving as an alumni career advisor and coach at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Abby holds a BA from Yale University and an MBA and MA in Education from Stanford University. She lives with her husband (who also studied with Myra at Stanford) and their two sons in San Francisco.


  • Love and money are deeply intertwined, and it is important to recognize and address their connection in relationships.
  • Transparent conversations about money in relationships are crucial for making holistic and informed decisions.
  • Upbringing and parents’ careers have a significant influence on individuals’ money mindset.
  • Passing on stories and values to future generations is a powerful way to shape their relationship with money.
  • The Five C’s framework (Clarify, Communicate, Broaden Choices, Check with Trusted Resources, Consider Consequences) provides a structured approach to decision-making that considers both love and money.


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