Building Trust: Navigating the Changing Financial Landscape with Amy Mullen

Amy Mullen CFP® | President of Money Quotient


Amy Mullen, CFP® is the President of Money Quotient and a renowned expert in values-based financial planning. With extensive experience in guiding clients through change and fostering long-lasting client-planner relationships, Amy frequently presents at national financial industry conferences. She holds a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification and has a background in “Financial Motivation & Change” from Marylhurst University. Amy is an active member of the Financial Therapy Association and Financial Planning Association, contributing her expertise to the industry. Outside of work, she enjoys outdoor activities, photography, live music, and cooking.


In this episode, join us as we delve into creating trust and explore the importance of uncovering motivations and bridging perspectives. Amy is a renowned expert in financial psychology and the founder of “Money Quotient.” With her deep understanding of the hidden factors that affect financial decision-making, Amy shares valuable insights on how to create lasting change and foster effective client-advisor relationships.

Why You Should Listen:

Are you curious about how to build a psychological foundation rooted in trust for your financial life? Join us in this thought-provoking podcast episode as we explore the transformative potential of addressing hidden barriers and empowering individuals to implement financial information effectively. Through an insightful journey, we invite our listeners to delve into their inner worlds, uncovering intrinsic motivations that drive financial actions. Drawing upon the latest research, we shed light on powerful strategies for motivating individuals to take charge of their financial futures. Additionally, we examine the gaps that exist between the perspectives of financial planners and clients, providing valuable insights into bridging these divides. Recognizing the importance of effective communication skills and adopting a life planning approach, we unravel the essential elements that build trust and commitment, shaping a brighter financial landscape for all.


  • Unveiling the misalignments in financial services caused by operating from a single lens
  • The power of addressing hidden barriers to implement financial information effectively
  • Inviting clients to explore and discover their own inner world for intrinsic motivation
  • Uncovering the latest research on motivating people to take financial action
  • Revealing the gaps in perspectives between financial planners and clients
  • The significance of effective communication skills and a life planning approach in building trust and commitment


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