Episode #9 “What is Wealth” with Mark Anielski

Mark Anielski Economist & Author

President and Chief Wellbeing Office of Anielski Management Inc

Episode #9 “What is Wealth?”

Mark Anielski is the President and Chief Well-being Officer of Anielski Management Inc. an economic consultancy specializing in economics of happiness and well-being. He is also the Chief Wellbeing Economist with the Indigenomics Institute. He has been advising communities and countries since 2000 on integrating well-being analytics into conventional economic cost benefit analysis and impact investment decision making . He has extended his reach to different countries including Canada, China, South Korea, the Netherlands and many more. His framework focuses on building a better and happier world. He has written two books, including the award-winning publication – “The economics of happiness”. Mark believes that most people aspire to live a life of joy and well-being.

Highlights of the Episode:

  • Mark shares his wisdom as he discusses the origins of the word “wealth” and how the meaning of wealth has been lost in translation over the years
  • We discuss the role of “wealth” in our well-being journey
  • Mark discusses the study of Oikonomos (household well-being)
  • Mark talks about how shopping local is great for supporting local businesses BUT is also a reflection of your values.
  • Knowing your monthly “burn rate” is a step towards financial well-being
  • Mark shares his vision on how to teach your kids the tenets of financial well-being
  • Mark discusses how money is an expression of your values……and what would your values show?
  • Mark has a strong stance on debt. Here is a quote from the show “Debt is the real epidemic as it attacks us just like cancer cells, taking more and more of our oxygen or life energy, time, to service the ever-growing mountain of debt, it’s time to release the toxicity of the economic growth addiction, in what I call the cancer of debt.”

Links & Mark’s Books


  1. The Economics of Happiness By Mark Anielski
  2. An Economy of Well-Being: Common-sense tools for building genuine wealth and happiness By Mark Anielski

Podcast:  The Economics of Well-being



Shaun gives a brief introduction on Mark Anielski [00:29] Mark and Shaun discuss their ideas on what the word “wealth” means to them [02:32] Mark Anielski looks back on his life, and points out the moments where he decided to take a  pause , realizing that everyone  was trading their time for money [08:24] Shaun and Mark  discuss the emotional toll of working only for money and not loving the actual job and mortgage payments [12:20] Mark shares his own money relationship and money script [18:57] Mark and Shaun talk about “burn rate” and how to decrease it [20:27] Mark shares his views on mortgage payment and getting a new house for young couples [22:32] Mark discusses his views on how a parents can help their children take on a healthy money script and money relationship [24:59] Mark shares why he makes money[28:30] Discussion on balancing life such that people can coexist with their passion and their money.[30:45]

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