Episode #143 “Control Your Money or It Will Control You: Unveiling the Complexities of Money, Identity, and Retirement”

Mark McGrath CFP® CIM® CLU® | Financial Planner |


Mark is an experienced financial expert with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Holding designations such as Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®), CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®), Mark is dedicated to educating and assisting individuals in achieving their financial dreams through evidence-based and comprehensive financial planning. His expertise lies in investment, tax, retirement, and estate planning for small business owners and their families.

Why You Should Listen:

In this episode of our “Financial Anthem” series, Mark invites us to join him on a deeply personal journey as he reflects on his father’s experiences navigating his own money story. With a genuine sense of empathy and compassion, we delve into the intricacies of his father’s choices and the delicate balance he struck between money, family, and personal well-being.

Through Mark’s heartfelt storytelling, we gain a deeper understanding of the profound impact money can have on our lives and identities. We explore the intricate connections between our financial well-being and the ways in which we define ourselves. Mark’s vulnerability and sensitivity allow us to examine the challenges that arise when our identities become intertwined with our financial circumstances, and the profound difficulty of managing transitions when those identities are at stake.

This episode serves as a gentle reminder of the transformative power of financial choices and the intricate web of emotions that surround our relationship with money.


  • Explore Mark’s early financial influences and the powerful impact of parental guidance on our money mindset.
  • Learn how creative expression and storytelling can help us gain a deeper understanding of our own money stories.
  • Discover the importance of financial agency and the value of making our own decisions, even when learning from our mistakes.
  • Gain insights into the profound influence of financial socialization and the dynamics of couples’ financial interdependence.
  • Reflect on the significance of planning for retirement beyond the financial aspects, focusing on preserving identity and finding meaning.


  • “Control your money or it will control you” Mark McGrath’s father
  • “I fear is that my kids won’t know me if I work too hard” Mark McGrath


Mark’s Twitter: @MarkMcGrathCFP

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