Unveiling the Journey: Insights from Ben Felix and Cameron Passmore on the Story, Passion, Vision, and Quality behind the Rational Reminder Podcast

Cameron Passmore Executive Chairman, Portfolio Manager, CIM®, FMA, FCSI, and Ben Felix Portfolio Manager, Head of Research, MBA, CFA, CFP®, CIM®


Cameron Passmore is the Executive Chairman of PWL Capital, leading the firm’s strategic vision and ensuring long-term success. With over 20 years of experience, he advocates for evidence-based, systemic investing. Cameron is committed to building a premier wealth management firm and shares his knowledge through the Rational Reminder podcast.

Benjamin Felix is the Head of Research at PWL Capital, a Canadian wealth management firm known for its thought leadership and resources for investors. He co-hosts the Rational Reminder podcast and hosts a YouTube channel focused on evidence-based financial decisions. Benjamin’s expertise lies in using evidence to inform financial choices while considering the psychological impact.

Tune in this week as we take a captivating journey behind the scenes of the popular Rational Reminder podcast, hosted by Ben and Cameron, two prominent figures in the world of finance and wealth management. With over 5 million downloads and a reputation for delivering valuable information, this podcast has become a trusted resource for many. Join us as we delve into the intriguing stories behind the creation of this fantastic show, uncovering the insights and experiences that have made it a go-to destination for invaluable financial knowledge and guidance.


  • Leaning into their passion: Discover how Ben and Cameron have embraced their love for finance and wealth management, and how it has shaped their remarkable journey.
  • Balancing curiosity and vision: Explore how these two experts strike an equilibrium between being open-minded and flexible while staying true to their podcast’s core vision.
  • Understanding life beyond spreadsheets: Delve into the notion that life is inherently messy and cannot be solely quantified.
  • Emphasizing quality over popularity: Gain insights into how Ben and Cameron prioritize providing high-quality content over conforming to popular opinions or trends.
  • The power of small daily actions: How consistent, small, daily actions can create a profound impact on personal and financial life.


  • “Life is messy, humans are messy, you can’t spreadsheet everything in a human’s life” Cameron Passmore
  • “There are diminishing returns to consumption, and money serves as a means to happiness, rather than an end in itself” Ben Felix


00:00:00 The Most Hated F Word: Transforming Our Relationship With Money
00:05:38 A Nonconformist’s Dream: Transforming an Abandoned Church into a Unique Pandemic Haven
00:07:47 Early Birds and Superhumans: Balancing Productivity and Parenthood
00:12:19 Defining Identity: Moving Beyond Labels in the World of Content Creation
00:17:20 Camping Adventures and the Surprising Value of Worms: Exploring the Inflation of Childhood Dreams
00:18:57 From Blown Away to Meaningful Clients: A Journey into the World of Mutual Funds
00:22:53 Unveiling the Power of Fee-Based Investing: A Journey of Discovery and Financial Transformation
00:23:57 Breaking the Branches: How Two Innovators Found Success by Going Against the Grain
00:29:32 The Imposing Presence of Ben: A Tale of Intimidation and Success
00:32:47 From Couch Potatoes to Academic Breakthroughs: The Evolution of Our Podcast
00:37:29 Hidden Gems and Unexpected Surprises: Unveiling the Unforgettable Conversations with Nobel Laureate Bob Martin and Astronaut Chr
00:42:34 Uncovering the Wealth of Knowledge: A Deep Dive into Financial Literacy with Countless Citations
00:45:13 Unlocking Financial Freedom: Navigating the Journey to Your Dream Island with Finding, Funding, and Goals
00:48:57 Unveiling the True Meaning of a Good Life: Exploring Happiness, Well-being, and Financial Decisions
00:51:09 Balancing Steadfastness and Flexibility: The Evolving Definition of Sensible Investing
00:57:03 Unveiling the Secrets: How Our Guest Interviews Unleash a Wealth of Information
01:01:49 Transforming the Next Generation: How My Kids Became Engaged in the Podcast Industry
01:05:19 The Ripple Effect: How the Rational Reminder Podcast is Influencing Decision-Making Across Social Platforms
01:06:25 The Importance of a Front Porch: Connecting Memories, Nostalgia, and Home

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