Why A Solid Financial Foundation Matters for Everyone

With Emily Burnett | Writer | Consultant |


Emily shares her journey from collecting insects for money as a teenager to understanding the impact of her entrepreneurial family on her financial mindset. She reflects on the wisdom of her 94-year-old grandmother, who values relationships and dreams over material wealth. Emily discusses the significance of facing reality and being intentional in life and money management. She highlights the benefits of making peace with your financial plans, such as finding peace and control in an often chaotic world.

Emily also discusses the resistance to budgeting and the importance of creating a personal financial oasis. She shares insights on helping those overly focused on budgeting and emphasizes the importance of embracing spending while being intentional. Additionally, Emily explores how shyness can affect financial decisions and the need to examine our financial roots.

At the end, Emily talks about her upcoming book, ‘Dear Fellow Dreamer,’ aimed at helping individuals who feel trapped in safe corporate jobs.


Emily Burnett is a writer, consultant, and intentional money + life enthusiast. She spent years working in tech as a marketing technologist all the while dreaming of building her own thing. Emily left corporate in 2022 to travel and grow her financial coaching practice. Pursuing it full-time revealed that more than coaching she loves writing, speaking, and meeting people. She is the author of Dear Fellow Spender, written for the spender who typically avoids personal finance books, and is currently writing Dear Fellow Dreamer. She’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs and dreamers get and stay intentional about what they’re creating whether it’s a meaningful life or a business of their dreams.


  • Money stories are powerful and can shape our mindset and relationship with money.
  • Having entrepreneurial role models can inspire and influence our own entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Prioritizing relationships and dreams can lead to a rich and fulfilling life.
  • Being intentional in both living and managing money can bring peace and control. Create an oasis of control in your personal finances to feel grounded and empowered.
  • Embrace spending and be intentional about how you spend your money.
  • Examine your roots and understand how your past experiences and beliefs shape your relationship with money.
  • Take risks and build a strong foundation to support your financial and personal growth.


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