A Real Money Story: From Frugality to Freedom

Robb Engen | Fee-Only Financial Planner | Blogger |


Robb Engen is an advice-only financial planner and the voice behind the award-winning Boomer & Echo personal finance blog. Robb has been writing about personal finance since 2010 for publications such as the Toronto Star and MoneySense, and his own website has attracted more than 15 million page views and 12,000 email subscribers. A self-described “revenge traveler”, Robb lives in Lethbridge, Alberta with his wife and two children.

Why You Should Listen:

In our conversation, we explore Robb’s personal money story and discuss the inspiration behind his blog, which has garnered an impressive 15 million page views. We delve into why Robb decided to transition from his full-time job to becoming a full-time, advice-only financial planner. Robb shares a personal perspective on his financial experiences, offering listeners a genuine glimpse into the human side of money. Throughout his money story, Robb describes his transition from being hyper-focused on frugality to embracing more freedom. We also discuss the value of family, travel, and much more. Through candid discussions with industry experts, like Robb, we aim to humanize the financial services industry, recognizing that we all navigate unique money stories.


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