A Candid Discussion on the Worst Money Advice

Jonathan Chevreau | Chief Findependence Officer | Investing Editor and Columnist MoneySense

Jason Heath, CFP® | Fee-Only Financial Planner at Objective Financial Partners Inc.

Jason Evans CFP® | Fee For Service Financial Planner

Lisa Hannam | Executive Editor MoneySense | Journalist | Writer


Jonathan Chevreau is a veteran financial columnist, blogger and author based in Toronto. He was the Financial Post’s personal finance columnist between 1993 and 2012 and editor-in-chief for MoneySense Magazine from 2012 to 2014. He still writes the Retired Money column for MoneySense. In 2014, he launched the Financial Independence Hub (aka FindependenceHub.com), which usually publishes four blogs every week. Jon has authored several books with traditional book publishers like McGraw Hill and Key Porter books, including The Wealthy Boomer, and a series of mutual fund guides called Smart Funds. In 2016, he co-authored Victory Lap Retirement, a Globe & Mail bestseller. In 2021 what is now Crown Publishing published the second American edition of his financial novel, Findependence Day, also available through Trafford.com. He has a large Twitter following at @jonchevreau has been rated one of the top two social media influencers in finance in Canada.

Jason Heath has been providing fee-only, advice-only financial planning since 2002 and is one of Canada’s best-known fee-only financial planners. He is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a personal finance columnist for the Financial Post, MoneySense, and Canadian MoneySaver.

Lisa Hannam, Executive Editor of MoneySense For Lisa, money isn’t just about paycheques, belongings, savings, real estate and investing – it’s about all these things, and so much more. With the goal to make MoneySense.ca accessible to Canadians at all levels of financial literacy, as the Executive Editor, Lisa has grown the editorial team, with a record-breaking publishing cadence for the paywall-free site. She ensures that the journalism standards readers have come to expect from the award-winning publication are in every article that you read today. Lisa has an extensive journalism background as an acclaimed writer and editor, spanning over 20 years, working for some of Canada’s largest glossy magazines, daily newspapers and popular websites. #itpaystoknow

Jason Evans CFP® is an advice-only financial planner who specializes in helping Canadians 55+ prepare for a secure retirement. Having personally witnessed the painful impact of bad financial advice, he is a strong proponent of financial education and unbiased advice.

Why Your Should Listen:

November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada, and MoneySense Magazine is marking the occasion by delving into the worst money advice with insights from four professionals. In this episode, we discuss the common pitfalls that could impact your financial health and well-being, drawing from a MoneySense online poll with 891 respondents from across the country. Whether you’re navigating trends, assessing your emotional decision-making, staying vigilant against scams, or simply seeking trustworthy advice, this episode provides practical knowledge for maneuvering the complex world of finance. Learn why 69% of MoneySense readers polled claim to have lost money from financial advice and gain tools to avoid these pitfalls.


  • Money Mistakes: Discover the commonality of bad money advice and its potential to cause devastating financial stress.
  • Trends vs. Traps: Learn to distinguish financial trends from bad advice, equipping yourself to navigate the complex financial landscape.
  • Emotional Check-In: Explore the role of emotional awareness in financial decision-making and its impact on protecting your financial well-being.
  • Scams Unveiled: Gain an inside look at modern financial scams and arm yourself with knowledge to avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Finding Solid Ground: Understand the importance of seeking advice from trusted sources, finding reliable guidance for your financial journey.


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