Episode #33: “Finding Happy Go Money”

Melissa Leong | Money Expert, Best Selling Author, National Media Personality


Melissa Leong is one of Canada’s best-loved authorities on personal finance. She’s a sought-after speaker, national media personality, best-selling author and award-winning writer.

She’s the author of the feel-good finance guide, Happy Go Money and is the resident money expert on Canada’s leading daytime talk show, The Social on CTV. She’s the host of the top business podcast, Money Moves: Conversations about Investing by The Globe and Mail’s Content Studio.


  • How emergency funds can protect our future happiness
  • How to spend your money on things that make you happier
  • How Melissa’s journey (her story) to find happiness during a hard time in life lead to her book “Happy Go Money”
  • Understanding how your past experiences with money impact your present money behaviours
  • How our family’s relationship with money impacts us today
  • How we give our money meaning
  • Is there an ideal amount of money for happiness?
  • Are your values and expenses aligned?


  • “We need to have an oh crap fund.” Emergency fund.” Melissa Leong
  • “Some of you are uber frugal. Even though that description sounds wonderful, like a smart minimalist IKEA shelf, it might mean you are robbing yourself of joy by not investing in other priorities or hurting your relationship by being cheap” Melissa Leong
  • “You give your money meaning” Melissa Leong


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