Money and Finding Lasting Life Satisfaction

With Dr. Jennifer Guttman | Clinical Psychologist | Author |


Dr. Jennifer Guttman, a clinical psychologist with practices in NY and Connecticut, specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and her motivational brand, sustainable life satisfaction. With over 30 years of clinical practice, she challenges the pursuit of happiness and leads a satisfaction revolution. Author of “Beyond Happiness: The 6 Secrets of Lifetime Satisfaction,” Dr. Guttman offers a workbook, course, and YouTube channel dedicated to satisfaction. A regular contributor to Psychology Today and Thrive Global, she is also a sought-after guest on health, wellness, business, and happiness podcasts.


Dr. Jennifer Guttman discusses the difference between happiness and satisfaction, and how focusing on satisfaction can lead to a more fulfilling life. She shares her personal story of facing challenges and finding resilience and introduces the concept of being defiantly resilient. Dr. Guttman also outlines the six techniques for sustainable life satisfaction, including avoiding assumptions, facing fears, and making decisions. She emphasizes the importance of reducing people-pleasing and codependency and encourages individuals to cultivate agency within themselves, to find their authentic voice. Dr. Guttman’s work can be found on her website, guttmanpsychology.com, and her book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


  • Focus on satisfaction rather than happiness, as satisfaction is more enduring and can be controlled from within.
  • Avoid making assumptions about money and challenge the assumptions you have by asking for concrete evidence.
  • Face your fears and make decisions that align with your values and goals, rather than seeking external validation.
  • Reduce people-pleasing and codependency by learning to trust yourself and make autonomous financial decisions.
  • Build resilience by facing challenges and developing a sense of effectiveness and self-worth.
  • Write a letter to future generations, encouraging them to learn themselves, quiet the noise, and be their own person.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:37 The Story of JFK Customs
  • 03:16 The Difference Between Happiness and Satisfaction
  • 05:31 Shifting Focus to Satisfaction
  • 08:18 The Middle Path of Satisfaction
  • 10:14 The Shift to a Satisfaction Revolution
  • 13:15 Becoming Defiantly Resilient
  • 19:07 Overcoming Challenges and Building Resilience
  • 22:56 The Six Techniques for Sustainable Life Satisfaction
  • 23:57 Assumptions, Facing Fears, and Making Decisions
  • 27:56 Avoiding People Pleasing and Codependency
  • 32:50 Writing a Letter to Future Generations
  • 41:08 Where to Find Dr. Jennifer Guttman’s Work


• Dr. Guttman’s Book: CLICK HERE
• Dr. Guttman’s website: CLICK HERE

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