What Is Your Money Really For?

With Bruce Sellery | CEO of Credit Canada | Author | Television Host |


Bruce Sellery discusses his background in financial journalism and his transition to becoming the CEO of Credit Canada. He shares insights from his interviews with high-profile individuals and the impact of their stories. Bruce also reflects on his personal experience with money and the importance of creating a context for financial decisions. He emphasizes the need for a shift from financial literacy to financial coaching, focusing on the root causes of debt and holding individuals accountable for their financial well-being. Bruce discusses the importance of uncovering hidden values and moving from past-based to future-based conversations in financial planning. He highlights the Credit Canada Gold program, which focuses on accountability and coaching to help individuals achieve their financial goals. Bruce emphasizes the need for a judgment-free environment and coaching based on the client’s desires. He also discusses the importance of being relentless in pursuing client goals and having tough conversations when necessary. Bruce shares his excitement for the expansion of financial coaching programs and concludes with the key theme of creating a life worth living using money as a tool.

Bruce Sellery, a dynamic business journalist, TV host, and CEO of Credit Canada, is dedicated to enhancing financial literacy. Known for his bestselling book “Moolala: Why Smart People Do Dumb Things with Their Money,” Sellery’s engaging approach makes him a sought-after keynote speaker, emcee, and host. His roles include being CBC Radio’s national money columnist, a Cityline contributor, and host of the Moolala radio show and podcast on SiriusXM. With a rich background that includes hosting on the Oprah Winfrey Network and anchoring for BNN Bloomberg, Sellery’s work spans TV, radio, and writing, including two bestselling books. He contributes his expertise as an advisor to the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University and holds positions on boards, reflecting his commitment to community and financial empowerment.


  • Uncover hidden values and have future-based conversations in financial planning.
  • Create a judgment-free environment and coach based on the client’s desires.
  • Be relentless in pursuing client goals and have tough conversations when necessary.
  • Use money as a tool to create a life worth living.


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