How To Be Richer, Wiser, and Happier

With William Green | Author | Journalist |


Over the last quarter of a century, he has interviewed many of the world’s best investors, exploring in depth the question of what qualities and insights enable them to achieve enduring success. He’s written extensively about investing for many publications and has been interviewed about the greatest investors for magazines, newspapers, podcasts, radio, and television. He has also given many talks about the lessons we can learn from the most successful investors, not only about how to invest but about how to improve our thinking.


  • Learn lessons that apply to everyone, from how the greatest investors in the world think and make decisions
  • How the art of subtracting can increase our well-being and financial health
  • How to reduce complexity in your life and focus on the things that ultimately matter
  • The value of equanimity plays in your facilitating financial health
  • How we may regard some teachings from the world’s greatest investors as practical philosophers
  • The power of embracing “good enough.”


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