Episode #14: “Breaking Money Silence

With Wealth Psychology Expert, Author and Coach Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Wealth psychology expert Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, founder of KBK Wealth Connection and host of the Breaking Money Silence® podcast, is an internationally published author and speaker.

Topics Discussed:

  • Kathleen’s mission to “shatter” money taboos
  • How we can learn effective communication techniques and how to accept our emotions during money conversations
  • You will learn what judgements are and how they negatively impact our wealth and health. And how judgements negatively impact our money stories
  • Effective techniques on how to speak to your spouse/partner about money
  • Why your money beliefs WILL show up no matter how much you ignore them
  • Busting down the financial gender barriers
  • Kathleen challenges our outdated “family and gender role” identities


Kathleen’s course with a special discount code:

“Discover how to be financially confident, talk more openly about money, and be more profitable in your business by signing up for the Breaking Money Silence® Learning Lab. Just click here and use the discount code Negotiate10 to receive 10% off any of the negotiating courses.”

Books Mentioned During the Episode:

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