Exploring Love & Money with Dr. Sonya Lutter

Dr. Sonya Lutter Ph.D. CFP®, LMFT | Research | Program Director | Owner of EnLite.World | Author


In today’s episode, we’re excited to have Dr. Sonya Lutter, the Director of Financial Health and Wellness and the owner of EnLite.World, join us to discuss Love & Money. Money is a sensitive topic, and it’s not uncommon to see it causing conflict in relationships. In this insightful conversation, Dr. Lutter shares her knowledge and experience to help us understand why our money conflicts are rarely just about the money, and how we can engage in healthy and effective reflective exercises to bring more awareness to our relationship with money.

Why You Should Listen:

Money is an essential part of our lives, and it’s something that we all have to deal with in our relationships. Dr. Sonya Lutter brings her extensive experience and expertise as a Certified Financial Planner, Marriage Family Therapist, researcher, and professor to provide evidence-based exercises to help us understand our money relationship and bring awareness to our core values. By listening to this episode, you’ll learn how to communicate around money effectively, lean into difficult financial conversations, reflect on your feelings and emotions about money, and strengthen your relationship while healing your money relationship.


– Money conflicts are not just about the money but the underlying emotions waiting to be seen and heard.

– Our money conflicts are about our core values, which for many of us, are unknown and unexplored.

– Dr. Sonya Lutter shares evidence-based exercises that can help couples engage in healthy and effective reflective exercises to bring more awareness to their relationship with money.

– We explore core values, leaning into difficult financial conversations, effective communication around money, and reflecting on our feelings and emotions pertaining to money.

– By understanding the core values behind our financial conflicts, we can find healing, strengthen our relationships, and ultimately find more peace and insight.


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