Beyond Money: Embracing Life’s Magic and Simple Joys

Dr. Erika Rasure | Educator | Researcher | Holistic Financial Wellness |


In this conversation, Dr. Erika Rasure and Shaun Maslyk discuss the human experience of money and the importance of storytelling in understanding our money stories. Dr. Rasure shares her journey from aspiring estate lawyer to a personal financial planner, driven by her desire to help people with their money. They explore the role of compassion in financial conversations and the need to take the shame out of money. They also discuss the power of self-discovery and the importance of trusting oneself in making financial decisions. The conversation emphasizes the need to slow down, lean into discomfort, and let go of perfectionism to find peace and contentment in our relationship with money. Dr. Rasure explores the importance of finding ‘home’ within ourselves and the power of sharing our stories. The conversation concludes with a theme of not losing sight of the magic in life and the importance of finding joy in the little things.


Dr. Erika Rasure is an internationally recognized leader, educator, and researcher in holistic financial wellness. For almost two decades, she has practiced financial therapy and coaching. Among her achievements is helping to create National Financial Practice Week, which she is co-founder as Chief Financial Wellness Advisor at Beyond Finance. Dr. Rasure also serves as Chair of the Research Board for the Financial Therapy Clinical Institute. Additionally, she is a member of the Financial Review Boards for Investopedia, The Balance, VeryWell Family, and VeryWell Parents. Her insight and interviews have been featured in several prestigious national outlets, such as Barron’s, CNN, Forbes, Fox Business, Marketwatch, NBC News Now, USA Today, and Yahoo! She is a Certified Deep Transformational Coach and holds a PhD in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University.


  • Money stories are a fundamental part of being human and can emotionally connect us.
  • Compassion is crucial in financial conversations and can lead to clarity and transformation.
  • Taking the shame out of money is essential for gaining clarity and making progress.
  • Self-discovery is a powerful tool for understanding our relationship with money and finding peace.
  • Trusting ourselves and seeking internal validation are key to making financial decisions aligned with our values.
  • Sharing our stories with kindness and compassion helps us feel more connected and whole.
  • Don’t stop believing in the magic of life and find joy in the little things.


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