Episode #131 “Listen to Hear: How Deep Listening Can Change Your Money Story”

Dr. Ted Klontz Ph.D | Associate Professor | Researcher | Author | Speaker


In this episode, we have a conversation with Dr. Ted Klontz, who is often referred to as “The People Whisperer”. He is an associate professor of Practice and Financial Psychology at Creighton University, a professional consultant for major entertainment management groups, an international speaker, a published researcher and author who has contributed to 6 books, and the Director of the Financial Psychology Institute®.

Why You Should Listen:

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to understand the power of listening and how it can help us change our money story. Dr. Klontz discusses the importance of embracing the discomforts that present themselves around money instead of fleeing or avoiding the discomfort. He shares how listening is the most important part of helping people change and how experiences, and not telling, are the most effective ways to make meaningful change. Dr. Klontz provides practical insights and tools that can help listeners understand and change their money story. He emphasizes that if we learn to listen to our own truth, the money will take care of itself. Dr. Klontz also suggests music is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with our authentic selves. When we hear the words being sung back to us, it’s like no other feeling to be heard. It’s a way people can feel heard.


– The power of first money memories and how they shape our beliefs about money

– The importance of understanding our financial flashpoints

– Embracing discomfort around money and learning from it

– The importance of listening and how it can help us change our money story

– How to take off the armour we have built up around our money story

– Why engage with experiences over “being told” what do to is most effective at changing money beliefs

– Dr. Klontz explains how the authentic part of us speaks in metaphors and analogies, pictures; it is a sensory voice, and music excites more areas of the brain than anything else


“If you can learn to honour your own truth, the money will take care of itself” Dr. Ted Klontz

“Every kind of tear has a message” Dr. Ted Klontz

“Telling is not teaching” Dr. Ted Klonz

“We run out of life before we realize it’s not about the money” Dr. Ted Klontz

– Dr. Ted Klontz’s website: CLICK HERE

– John Fox’s poem “When Someone Deeply Listens to You” CLICK HERE

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