Episode #63: “How Decision Science Can Improve Your Financial Well-Being”

With Greg Davies | Expert in Applied Behavioural Science |


Globally recognized expert in applied decision science, behavioural finance, and financial wellbeing, as well as a specialist in both the theory and practice of risk profiling. Greg started the banking world’s first behavioural finance team as Head of Behavioural-Quant Finance at Barclays.

In 2017 Greg joined Oxford Risk to lead the development of behavioural decision support software to help people make the best possible financial decisions.


  • How the study of behavioural finance can improve your financial well-being
  • We discuss the role emotions play in your financial decision making
  • The positive impact of applying “systems” thinking towards your finances
  • How the philosophy of rationality applies to applied behavioural finance
  • Irrational vs rational decision making


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