Investing Smarter, Not Harder: Using Evidence-Based Investing to Fund A Good Life

Robin Powell | Journalist | Author | The Evidence-Based Investor |


Robin Powell is an award-winning journalist, author, and video producer specializing in investing and personal finance. With over 20 years of experience in television journalism as a reporter, producer, and presenter, Robin founded Ember Television and its specialist division, Regis Media. He is also the Head of Client Education for RockWealth and runs two blogs, The Evidence-Based Investor and Adviser 2.0. Robin actively promotes transparent investment fees as an Ambassador for the Transparency Task Force. He co-authored the book “How to Fund the Life You Want,” published by Bloomsbury in October 2022. Robin is a Chartered Institute of Journalists member and previously served as a Visiting Media Fellow at Duke University in North Carolina. He resides in North Warwickshire, UK.

Why You Should Listen:

In this episode, we delve into the world of evidence-based investing with Robin Powell, a renowned journalist and author. Robin sheds light on the importance of basing investment decisions on solid evidence rather than falling prey to emotional tendencies and the noise prevalent in the industry. By adopting an evidence-based approach, you can achieve superior long-term results and free up valuable time and energy to focus on the things in life you can control. Robin discusses the significance of understanding what is “enough” in your life, designing a life that aligns with your core values, and gaining a deep understanding of what truly makes you happy.


  • Discover the significance of evidence-based investing and its ability to deliver superior long-term results.
  • Understand the complexities of being human and how they can sometimes hinder our investment decisions.
  • Gain insights from Robin’s book, “How to Fund the Life You Want,” which offers relatable and understandable financial information.
  • Learn the three keys to success in evidence-based investing.
  • Reflect on the importance of defining “enough” in our lives and how it shapes our financial goals.
  • Learn how embracing an evidence-based approach can free up time and energy to focus on the aspects of life within our control.


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