Episode #138 “Exploring Money Stories and Financial Wellness with Erika Wasserman”

Erika Wasserman CFT-I™ | CEO Your Financial Therapist | Financial Therapist |


Erika Wasserman is the CEO of Your Financial Therapist, a company she founded in 2019. She holds the sought-after certification of Certified Financial Therapist CFT-I™, which is only held by 30 individuals worldwide. With her background in finance and international economics, Erika combines her expertise with her passion for helping others. She empowers individuals, couples, and companies to reshape their perspectives on money.

Erika is also the creator of Let’s Talk About Finances, Baby! Financial Wellness Conversation Cards. These thought-provoking cards allow people to explore the topic of money through 50 insightful questions. She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from the University of Florida and a graduate Certificate in Financial Therapy from Kansas State University.

Why You Should Listen:

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of money stories and how they reveal important aspects of our lives. Erika Wasserman joins us to discuss how she helps individuals untangle and merge their money stories, providing them with perspective and awareness. We also explore the significance of personal growth and self-work before guiding others in their own financial journeys. Additionally, Erika shares her personal experience with meditation and how it played a crucial role in uncovering her own money story. Discover how meditation can benefit everyone as they navigate their own financial narratives. Lastly, Erika provides valuable insights into how couples can understand their individual and shared money stories, utilizing her Let’s Talk About Finances, Baby! Conversation cards as a starting point.


  1. The Power of Money Stories: Discover how our individual money stories hold valuable insights into our beliefs and behaviours around finances.
  2. Untangling Money Stories: Learn how Erika helps individuals gain perspective and awareness by merging and untangling their money stories.
  3. Doing the Personal Work: Explore why personal growth is crucial before facilitating others’ journeys towards financial wellness.
  4. Meditation and Money Stories: Hear how meditation played a significant role in Erika’s own journey of uncovering her money story and why it can benefit us all in navigating our financial narratives.
  5. Couples and Financial Narratives: Erika shares valuable advice on how couples can work together to understand and communicate their money stories effectively. Discover how Let’s Talk About Finances, Baby! Conversation cards can facilitate these conversations and improve financial well-being in relationships.


Erika’s website: CLICK HERE

Let’s Talk About Finances, Baby! Cards: CLICK HERE

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