What is a Health Relationship with Money?

Episode #4: “What is a Healthy Relationship with Money?”

with Financial Therapist Ed Coambs  CFP®, LMFTA

Owner of Healthy Love and Money

Important Insights from the Episode:

  • How your unconscious money beliefs impact……everything
  • How to continuously update your money beliefs
  • How to gain control over your thoughts, emotions and beliefs around money
  • How to recognize shame, envy, jealously etc….around money
  • How to use empathy to succeed with your money and life
  • If you aren’t engaged with your money, nothing matters
  • Two largest risks around your money
    • Divorce
    • Dysfunction
  • How Ed uses money as nutrition in his life


Edward Coambs is a prestigious money and marriage therapist, who takes two taboo topics of Finance and therapy into his stride and manages to help many couples who deal with money related problems in their daily lives. He is based in North Carolina and has various accomplishments to his credit including a master’s in counseling, and an MBA in finance. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in financial planning and has his own website, company and has also launched his own course, which aims to educate and help people on such matters. He is someone who has paved a great career for himself, moving on from being a firefighter to a financial therapist

Shaun gives a brief introduction about Edward Coambs, and his professional journey [00:01]

Ed explains how to reach him, and elaborates on his work and on the new course he is launching  [02:11]

Ed discusses money beliefs and how they impact the people [04:05]

Ed talks about macro-level messages [06:10]

Ed voices his opinion about shame and Envy, and how it influences consumer behaviour or a person’s financial life in general [09:00]

Ed talks about what role a financial therapist plays, in the life of people [11:50]

Ed shares what financial therapy is, and how couples can benefit from it [16:26]

Ed explains how therapy helps people deal with their financial trauma and emotions [ 19:00]

Discussion on the actual definition of trauma, and how social expectations causes different behavioural changes [21:30]

Discussion on how our personality changes according to our situations and surroundings [28:26]

Ed explains how as a therapist, he deals with the trauma in his internal life and in his married life [30:44]

Discussion on how financial therapy, stands out from other forms of therapy [34:24]

Ed shares the different steps that couples can take when they are facing issues related to money management [37:09]

Ed talks about how it is important to face the emotional side first when it comes to money management among couples [38:35]

How to avoid dysfunction and become at ease with the finances [41:30]

Discussion on financial anorexia [44:00]

Ed recommends books, that will help people derive more knowledge into the topic [47:15]

Importance of a healthy relationship with money [48:48]

Ed talks in detail about his course [50:00]

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