Podcast Episode #4: The Inner Game of Money

Derek F. Hagen is the founder of the moneyhealthsolutions , which is a firm that helps people simplify money matters and take up their own financial responsibility .

Brought up in a poor family, he decided to take matter into his own hands and become the extremely successful person he is today. He has various certifications up his sleeve, including those in Financial planning, Financial Therapy, Financial analysis and much more. He is also a lively and enthusiastic person who loves adventure, camping and kungfu.

To sum up he knows the ins and outs of financial investment and is the perfect guide to help you out in the financial planning sector.

Key Points:

Main Points:

  • Why Derek decided NOT to retire at age 42
  • Why knowing financial information is not enough
  • What’s the difference between interior and external finance
  • The importance of having clarity around your values and designing a life around them
  • YOU are the expert of YOURSELF when seeking financial health
  • How to understand your money scripts
  • How growing up in poverty impacted Derek’s “perspective” of money
  • How floating around life doing what “I think others want me to do” impacts so many people


Derek’s Website: www.moneyhealthsolutions.com

Derek’s Book Recommendations: 

“How to fail at almost everything and still win big” – https://www.amazon.ca/How-Fail-Almost-Everything-Still-ebook/dp/B00COOFBA4 

“Tiny Habits” Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything Book by BJ Fogg https://www.amazon.ca/Tiny-Habits-Changes-Change-Everything/dp/0358003326 

Start with WHY by Simon Sinek https://www.amazon.com/Start-Why-Leaders-Inspire-Everyone/dp/1591846447

Linkedin Profiles: 

Derek F. Hagen: https://www.linkedin.com/in/derekhagen 

Shaun Maslyk: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/shaun-maslyk-cfp%C2%AE-b-comm-cip-566a1a17 

 Shaun Maslyk reads out Derek F. Hagen’s profile [0:29] Derek Explains why he chose not to retire even though he had the opportunity to do so [2:50] Derek discusses the risk of alzheimers and dementia in people who choose an early retirement plan [4:40] Talk on the psychology of finance and his own firm [5:50] Shaun Maslyk enquires about internal, external finances and the problems faced by Canadians [8:22] Derek explains what urged him to shift away from a highly prestigious post into forming his own firm [10:28] Derek explains how he helps people deal with their own finances, and make important financial decisions [14:49] Derek gives out a set of introspective questions that will help everyone follow a planned financial path to reach their goal [19:25] discussion on money script [19:55] Derek explains about his own money script growing up, and how it influenced his life and career [25:06] Derek talks about what happens when you realize that the job you have been working for, is not giving you much joy or satisfaction [30:53] Derek’s perspective on how much of the “rebuttal to change oneself” , occurs due to inner conflicts vs other reasons like the demographic and external problems [35:45] Derek explains “why he makes money?”[40:35] Discussion on how money is a tool to support the life everyone wants for themselves [43:17] How to balance being content in the present and at the same time working for your goal [46:52] Derek’s anecdote on a real estate agent [51:35] Derek’s book recommendations [57:30] Discussion on good and bad money habits [59:15] 

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