Episode #96: “Using Optimism and Hope to Change Your Financial Narratives”

With Aja Evans | Therapist | Speaker | Financial Therapist


Aja Evans is a board-certified therapist, speaker and writer specializing in financial therapy. With over a decade of experience in mental health, Aja’s expertise sits at the intersection of feelings and all things “money.” As an active contributor to the dialogue around financial well-being, she has a blog, All The Feels and a recurring column, Finance in Focus with Square Banking. Her advice has been quoted in Business Insider, Bloomberg, The Washington Post and Nerd Wallet, among other publications. She is a woman on a mission to get people engaged in living their best lives while attuning to their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around money. 


  • The value of bridging mental health and money
  • Navigating the intersection between self-esteem and money
  • Closing the racial wealth gap & supporting first time generational wealth builders
  • How our financial comfort zones impact our relationships with money
  • Discovering the underlying causes of your anxiety around money
  • Changing the way you think and feel about money
  • Unlearning negative behaviors



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