Our Money Stories: The Neuroscience of Good and Bad Decisions

With David Krueger, MD | Executive Mentor Coach | CEO of MentorPath® |


David Krueger, M.D. is an Executive Mentor Coach, CEO of MentorPath®, and a renowned author with 24 books and 75 scientific papers. His expertise blends mind, brain, and performance sciences with strategic coaching to empower professionals and executives for lasting peak performance. Notably, his bestseller “The Secret Language of Money” has reached a global audience, and he has received recognition like being named Top Executive Mentor Coach of 2021 by IAOTP. As Dean of Curriculum for Coach Training Alliance and Advisory Board member at Bauer College of Business, he continues to shape the fields of coaching and business. With a background in Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis, he brings a unique perspective to his coaching practice.

Why You Should Listen:

In this episode, we discuss behavioural economics principles and their potent application for enhancing performance in the context of your personal money story. Discover ways to prime your mind for confidence and prosperity, explore the effects of different mindsets on performance and investing, and unravel the mindset of super achievers in various domains. Learn about concepts like success anticlimax, summit syndrome, and the maintenance of success. How to effectively employ behavioural economics principles to drive successful performance and investing while also understanding the challenges tied to success, wealth, power, and influence.


  1. Uncover Your Money Story: Understand the concept of a “money story,” a personal narrative that influences your relationship with money, its meaning, and your behaviors.
  2. Beyond Financial Principles: Explore how our minds and brains shape our financial behaviours, going beyond conventional financial knowledge.
  3. The Portal of Money: Learn how money serves as a gateway to understanding the intangible aspects of our lives, not merely a financial tool.
  4. Choice Architecture: Discover how dissecting your money story can reveal core beliefs, assumptions, and conflicts about money.
  5. Success Anticlimax and Summit Syndrome: Learn about the phenomena of success anticlimax and summit syndrome and discover strategies to maintain extreme success.
  6. Framework-Based Initiatives: Explore the efficacy of positive frameworks in enhancing performance and achieving desired outcomes.


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