Episode #119 “How to Make Money, Do Good & Be Happy”

Dr. Carlos Saba | Co-Founder of Happy Start Up | Facilitator


Carlos is a recovering perfectionist and over-thinker on a journey to embrace an emergent way of living that relies on his instinct as much as his intellect. He wants to help others on a similar journey to find more clarity about the work they need to do and who want to create a positive impact in the world by being themselves. This is a learning journey from the inside out; learning about what drives and motivates us; learning about our needs and wishes, and learning how we can fulfil them by helping others and doing good in the world.


– The importance of balancing emotional needs with financial needs

– The value of putting happiness at the core of your business’ needs instead of profit

– The importance of understanding our core needs in doing good work, making money and being happy

– How practicing self-reflection can help you increase your wealth and happiness

– How can we integrate more “play” into our lives and businesses

– Why understanding your relationship with money is critical for happiness


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