Episode #18 “Let’s Reimagine Financial Advice Together”

Preet Banerjee | Behavioural Finance Expert | Author | Speaker


Originally trained as a neuroscientist and following a brief stint as an aspiring race car driver, Preet now excels within the world of finance. Preet is the founder of a FINTECH company called Money Gaps. Preet was known for his time as a financial panelist on CBC’s The National and as a contributor to The Morning Show on Global, Preet inspires others to become financially empowered through his world-class expertise and unique ability to take the complexity out of money matters. He speaks about why we are hard-wired to make bad decisions about money and what we can do about it.

Preet is personal finance educator as he contributes to the Globe and Mail, his Youtube Channel and his own podcast, called Mostly Money.

Highlights of the Show:

  • The value of spending money on experiences
  • How to maximize the utilitarian utility of a vehicle (AKA ditch the horsepower)
  • How to recognize the “junk” that no longer gives you joy
  • Why as humans we are hardwired to make short irrational decisions
  • How to use debt responsibly
  • Why we all need to start communicating MORE about money
  • How Money Gaps is reimagining financial advice
  • Why traditional financial plans CAN be useless
  • How we can measure the value of financial advice
  • The power of aligning your spending with your values


  • “Borrowing money is like negotiating a pay cut with your future self” Preet Banerjee
  • “If you spend money on fancy food and can’t pay off your credit card, you are literally financing crap” Preet Banerjee
  • “Simple treasures that don’t cost much money drive my happiness” Preet Banerjee

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