Episode #93 “Lessons from Buddha, Money & Living a Good Life”

With Franz Metcalf | Professor | Author and BJ Gallagher | Author | Speaker | Consultant


BJ Gallagher:

BJ Gallagher is a workplace consultant, popular speaker, and prolific
author with over 30 books to her credit – business books that educate and
empower, women’s books that enlighten and entertain, spiritual books that
inspire and inform. Whether her audience is corporate executives, working
women, or job seekers, her message is “The Power of Positive DOING.”

BJ’s international business fable, A Peacock in the Land of Penguins
(Berrett-Koehler) is THE best-selling diversity book in the world – over
400,000 copies sold in 23 languages. She conducts diversity workshops,
delivers keynotes, and provides consulting on workplace diversity.

Franz Metcalf:

Franz’s background and varied professional achievements combine the spiritual and the
scholarly, religious feeling and critical thinking. He began his graduate studies almost 30 years ago (yes, he’s getting a bit long in the tooth), at the Graduate Theological Union,
Master’s degree through comparing Buddhist and Catholic spiritual retreats. He earned a
doctoral fellowship to the University of Chicago and pursued his abiding personal interest in
Zen by writing his dissertation on the question, “Why do Americans practice Zen

Franz is a founding member of the Forge Institute for Spirituality and Social Change and author of five books, including What Would Buddha Do?, a best-seller published in over a dozen languages. His latest book is Being Buddha at Work. He continues to inquire into Buddhism and psychology, both academically and personally. His most beloved project (though he’s losing control over it) is his daughter, Pearl Miroku. Over the last dozen years he has been involved in anti-racist work in Pearl’s schools and in his own teaching. He finds this work integral to being a good parent, a good white person, and a good Buddhist.


  • Why Zen Buddhism has gained interest in the western world
  • Using lessons from Buddha:
    • On taming our internal desires for more
    • Understanding when is enough
    • Finding peace internally
    • Eliminating “suffering” around the stress with hold around money
  • Finding balance with your relationship with money
  • Learning to dance with detachment and attachment
  • Utilizing the Buddha’s teaching on money and happiness


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