Episode #92 “Financial Psychology, Emotions, Inner Money Critics and Finding Financial Peace”

With Dr. Alex Melkumian PsyD, LMFT | Financial Psychologist | Author |


Dr. Alex Melkumianis a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Financial Psychology Center in Los Angeles, California.

He is devoted to helping clients improve their financial and mental health by uncovering patterns in their relationship with money that keep them stuck and suffering.

Specifically, he has worked with athletes to improve their financial wellness and overall performance. Financial psychology is the intersection of financial literacy, emotional awareness, financial beliefs and cultural factors.

Dr. Alex Melkumian focuses on uncovering the truth of our personal financial stories and helps people to discard outdated stories and create new stories based on their wishes.

An immigrant from the Soviet Union he has lived in Los Angeles, California for more than twenty years basing both his studies and his practice there. Dr. Melkumian is married to his wife of ten years and father to two rambunctious children.


  • How financial stress is an unspoken pandemic impacting the majority of all people?
  • How the “gig-economy” is leaving an overwhelming amount of people financial stress
  • Dealing with the financial stress that comes along with intermittent variable income
  • How to cope with the immense financial stress we all face
  • Why we need to move passed saying we feel “stressed” and recognize the deeper cause of that stress
  • Understand the financial and health benefits of “emotional granularity.”
  • Learn to dance and move past your inner money critic
  • The benefits of learning how to emotionally budget


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