Episode #94 “Using Mindfulness & Meditation to Find Your Money Purpose”

Derek Hagen CFP, FBS, CFT-I, CFA | Financial Planner | Meditation Teacher | Meaning Practitioner


Derek Hagen is the founder of Money Health Solutions®️, a financial therapy and life planning firm. Money Health Solutions helps clients live intentionally and mindfully, using money as a tool to support their ideal life. He facilitates financial health by helping clients understand their own money psychology, lowering financial stress, and increasing confidence in financial decisions. Derek also started Money Health Weekly, a personal finance blog and newsletter focusing on the psychology of money, using personal stories and simple drawings to help demystify money for readers.

Derek has worked in financial services for over 18 years, including serving as Vice President of Investments and Planning for a prominent investment advisor, and Director of Wealth Management for a small wealth manager. He makes it his number one priority to simplify money matters, using plain English. He is professionally trained in financial psychology, financial behavior, financial planning, and behavioral finance.


  • How our unconscious judgements may be keeping us stuck in our old money stories
  • How cultivated mindfulness can “enhance” experiential relationships with money
  • The common misconceptions between mindfulness and meditation and how we can use meditation to put some space between our stimulus and response
  • How we can attempt to snap out of our default money story
  • Why money can be an outstanding teacher if we surrender and let go
  • How “intentional financial” living can bring us greater joy and happiness


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