Episode #29: “Cultural Impacts on Your Money Story”

With Dr. Alex Melkumian PsyD, LMFT | Financial Psychologist


Dr. Melkumian is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Financial Psychology Center in Los Angeles, California.

He is devoted to helping clients improve their financial and mental health by uncovering patterns in their relationship with money that keep them stuck and suffering.

Specifically, he has worked with athletes to improve their financial wellness and overall performance. Financial psychology is the intersection of financial literacy, emotional awareness, financial beliefs and cultural factors.

Dr. Melkumian focuses on uncovering the truth of our personal financial story and helps peoples to discard outdated stories and create new stories based on their wishes.


  • How does our culture impact our money stories?
  • Putting space between our stimulus (financial emotions) and responses
  • Hear about the impacts growing up in the Soviet Union and then immigrating to the USA had on Dr. Melkumian’s money story
  • The impact family values have on our money stories
  • The influence our cultural norms and beliefs have on our financial decisions
  • The lasting impacts of financial shame and guilt
  • How hope around your finances may be creating irrational expectations
  • What are common financial triggers?


  • “Money can be a conduit for anything we’re emotionally filled with. If we’re full of fear and anxiety, it’s going to [show] in our behaviour and our decision-making with Money.” Dr. Melkumian



Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

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