Episode #48 “Finding Inner Freedom Beyond Finances”

With Arjan Erkel | Speaker | Author | Freedom Fighter | Founder of Free A Girl


For almost two years Arjan Erkel was kidnapped by masked Islamic rebels in Dagestan, Russia. It was a nightmare he never expected to live through, but once he was in the middle of it, he learned how to cope with his new circumstances. His unique story about survival, his quest for freedom and his powerful recovery is still inspiring.  For 15 years, through speaking, workshops, and coaching Arjan inspired thousands of people with his message about freedom and taking ownership of your own life.

Arjan is also a Co-Founder of Free a Girl.  A foundation that is dedicated to freeing young girls from forced prostitution.


  • How making meaningful connections can increase your inner freedom
  • How learning into fear can transform your life and the story you tell yourself
  • The power of embracing negative emotions
  • How finding inner peace is more than getting more money
  • Why accepting emotions and working through them is critical for personal growth
  • How to find and unlock your potential
  • Why feeling positive emotions during times of difficulty can “broaden and build”
  • The power of using positive re-frames during difficult times
  • How hope can help you move “threw” difficult moments in life
  • How to find inner strength during times of difficulties and grow as a result


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