Episode #49 “Raising Money-Smart Kids and Seeing Bruce Springsteen Live”

With Robin Taub | Professional Speaker | Author | Youth Financial Literacy Expert


A Chartered Professional Accountant by training, Robin began her career at KPMG, transitioned into real estate, and then landed in the complex world of derivatives. Today, she’s a professional speaker and the author of The Wisest Investment, an update of the bestselling A Parent’s Guide to Raising Money-Smart Kids.


  • How to spend money in alignment with your values
  • How Bruce Springsteen can provide many life and money lesson
  • Why spending money on concerts CAN be a great financial decision
  • How to instill solid values in your children to help guide and prioritize their financial decisions
  • The power of reliving experiences and the positive emotions it creates
  • How to enhance your own money knowledge, so you can “lead by example”
  • How to help your children establish healthy money habits for life
  • How to use the five pillars of money


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