Episode #47 “Writing Your Money Story Memoir”

With Jessica Moorhouse | Money Expert | Speaker | Writer | Host of the More Money Podcast


Jessica Moorhouse is a money expert, Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®, speaker, award-winning personal finance blogger and host of the popular More Money Podcast. 

Jessica is the go-to millennial money expert in Canada, having been quoted in the media hundreds of times in addition to being a regular guest on CTV News’ Mind the Gap panel since 2018. She also gives presentations throughout North America to share her expertise and down-to-earth financial advice. She also teaches students to build wealth by investing through her online course Wealth Building Blueprint for Canadians.


  • Jessica explores the impact of her money story.
  • We discuss how money lessons learned in childhood impact us today
  • We discuss balance. Saving vs spending and enjoying
  • Jessica shares her family money motto and the influence it has on her money story
  • How our relationship with money creates the money stories we live-out
  • Jessica shares her story, journey and relationship with money


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