Episode #36 “Financial Abundance”

With Caron Matthews | CPA | Money Coach and Root Hub | Musician

This episode was pure magic.

Caron is an amazing, powerful and inspiring woman.


  • During this episode, Caron shares her powerful story, her money story.
  • You will hear Caron’s journey from recognizing her money story to accepting it and now embracing it.
  • Caron’s mission is to help women improve their relationship with money and create healthy financial habits through guidance, support, education & accountability.
  • She has made the Debt Freedom Success System to show you that you don’t need to be so hard on yourself about your money problems.
  • Hear Root Hub’s magical instant anthem for Caron

Who is Root Hub?

RootHub has been travelling the world utilizing music to heal and lift spirits for almost two decades.

In 2013 RootHub began exploring singing and playing music along with yogis. Through stream of consciousness lyrics and on the fly melodies & rhythms, RootHub helps create a space unbound by time and attachment, conducive to healing.

Today, Root Hub listens to Caron’s conversation and creates and signs a fantastic song on the spot!

It is truly magical. Root Hub and I have been doing these sessions, and we call them “Abundance Anthem.”

Why are abundance anthems so powerful?

If you want to appeal to the subconscious and compel people to act, you must form an emotional connection. Music is a powerful, invisible tool in achieving that goal. 

The Abundance Anthem gives people the opportunity to tell their money story differently.

The Abundance Anthem increases our money stories’ intrinsic value by engaging us emotionally from the subconscious level.


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