Episode #35: “Money, Betrayal and Unsolved Mysterious”

With Dr. Axton Betz-Hamilton | Professor/Author/Speaker


Axton Betz-Hamilton is an expert in identity theft, having a personal experience that she’s now turned into a career. Axton has made understanding the nuances of identity theft her life’s work. She frequently speaks on this topic at conferences and has won multiple awards for her research, teaching, and service.

She is the author of the book The Less People Know About Us.

Axton has a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies, focusing on child identity theft and elder financial exploitation perpetrated by family members. She teaches at South Dakota State University.


  • A story of identity theft, betrayal and unsolved mysterious
  • The impacts identity theft has on people’s lives
  • How complicated it can be to navigate identity theft
  • The immense structural barriers people face when trying to recover their identity
  • How identity theft can financially paralyze people
  • The complexities of removing fraudulent debt from your credit report
  • Hear how Axton acted like a cold case investigator to solve her mystery finally


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