“Understanding The Human Experience of Money”

With Neil Bage | Co-Founder of Shaping Wealth | Keynote Speaker | Applied Behavioural Science


Neil Bage is a seasoned expert in merging complex behavioural science with practical, tech-driven applications. With extensive experience as a Chief Behavioral Officer for a UK-based financial planning firm and as the founder of an award-winning behavioural technology business, Neil has shared his insights with thousands of professionals globally. His expertise spans human evolution, biology, and behavioural psychology.

Why You Should Listen:

In this episode, we closely examine the often-neglected human experience of money. While financial talks usually focus on numbers and math, Neil helps us uncover the deeper aspects of our connection with money. He emphasizes that grasping and accepting this personal journey can pave the way for more satisfying and meaningful financial discussions.

We also discuss a fundamental concept: there are two types of problems in the financial world. First, we have the complicated ones, which we can solve using calculations and data. Then, there are the complex problems rooted in our human nature. We must address both types to thrive in our relationship with money truly. It’s important to note that complicated solutions can’t fix complex issues. Unearth insights on cultivating trust, curiosity, and surrender in your financial journey, and understand the intricate relationship between our brain’s survival instincts and our financial decisions.


  • Neil’s expertise in bridging behavioural science with practical applications
  • The disparity between our evolving brains and our society’s reliance on money
  • How to build trust in our financial lives
  • The power of curiosity and surrender in understanding our relationship with money
  • How our brain’s wiring relates to survival and thriving within our relationships to money
  • The importance of recognizing the unique human experience of money
  • Objective problem-solving in finance: retirement planning, debt management, insurance, and savings


  • “Your life is your life” Neill Bage


  • Shaping Wealth: CLICK HERE
  • Neil on Twitter: @neilbage

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