Episode #25 “Increasing Well-Being Through Financial Empathy”

With Dr. Michael Gene Thomas PhD | University Lecturer | Founder of Modom


Dr. Michael Gene Thomas is driven to make meaning in the lives of those with the least financial resources. He cares about ensuring that vulnerable populations can access financial planning services—a resource that only the affluent usually enjoy.

Michael has a Ph.D. in Financial Planning, is a lecturer at the University of Georgia, is the founder of Modom, co-creator of several financial literacy programs and the recipient of numerous awards such as the outstanding Financial Information Award.


  • How to focus on buying rewards that ACTUALLY bring you joy
  • Dr. Thomas gives tips on how to stop spending money on things that “distract” you
  • How prioritizing “our true goals” bring more happiness and meaning in our life
  • How to balance living today, saving tomorrow and finding meaningful connections
  • The importance of understanding your authentic money voice
  • How to financially engage with our future self
  • How do we make financial education obvious?  


  • “I can consider something marketed to me if it adds flow to my life” Dr. Michael Gene Thomas
  • “Use money as a conduit to connect you to things you really desire” Dr. Michael Gene Thomas
  • “Give your future self the space to choose and decide what they want” Dr. Michael Gene Thomas

Books Mentioned:

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones Hardcover by James Clear (Author)


Dr. Michael Thomas’ Tedx Talk

Dr. Michael Thomas’ Website

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