A Real Money Story: The Human Side of Money and Why It Matters

With Brendan Frazier | Podcaster | Chief Behavioural Officer |


In this conversation, Brendan Frazier discusses his relationship with money and how his beliefs and perspectives have evolved over time. He reflects on the influence of his upbringing, including religious and cultural beliefs, and how they shaped his views on money. Brendan also shares his experiences navigating money conversations with his spouse and the importance of involving a third party for guidance. He explores the concept of the inner money critic and the desire for recognition and validation. Brendan discusses the balance between following financial planning rules and embracing the unknowns of life, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and intention in financial decision-making. Brendan emphasizes the importance of sharing personal money stories and destigmatizing conversations about money.


  • Navigating money conversations with a spouse can be challenging, and involving a third party can provide guidance and support.
  • The desire for recognition and validation can influence our relationship with money and our spending habits.
  • Money can serve as a reflection of our fundamental needs and desires as human beings.
  • Balancing financial planning rules with the unknowns of life requires flexibility and intention in decision-making.
  • Being open-minded about spending money can lead to a more fulfilling life.
  • Reflecting on one’s money story and beliefs can help make intentional financial decisions.
  • Sharing personal money stories can help others feel less alone and provide valuable lessons.


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