Episode #23 “How to Talk About Money with Your Kids and Family”

With Dr. Ted Klontz PH.D | Financial Psychologist, Author and Professor


With Dr. Ted Klontz Ph.D. | Financial Psychologist, Author and ProfessorOften referred to as “The People Whisperer”. Dr. Ted Klontz is an Associate Professor of Practice and Financial Psychology at Creighton University. He was a founding official of the Financial Therapy Association. He is a pioneer and has been working in financial psychology for over two decades, authoring seven books on this fascinating topic of financial psychology.


  • Dr. Ted Klontz discusses how he and his son Dr. Brad Klontz “accidentally” create the field of financial psychology
  • Why proper money communication is so important to our financial health
  • Our PRESENCE is much more valuable then PRESENTS
  • How families can start having healthy money conversations
  • How the money system you live in predicts your financial beliefs, feelings and outcomes
  • We dive into the power of social learning for our kids when it comes to money
  • How to teach your kids about money
  • We discuss when the appropriate time to talk about money to our kids is?
  • How to create a financial environment for our kids to flourish with money


“Your presence is more valuable than presents” Dr. Ted Klontz

“What is money? What do I need to know about it?” Dr. Ted Klontz


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