Podcast Episode #2: Should you defer your mortgage?

Richard Moxley, the Bill Nye of Credit, shares his expert perspective on the considerations we need to know before or after you defer your mortgage.

Richard Moxlet is a professional speaker, best-selling author and Credit Expert. His mission is to help Canadians improve their credit score and fix their credit. 

Highlights from the episode:

  • Richard speaks about his “money story”
  • Discusses the many implications of debt
  • Richard speaks about his money relationship with his wife and how the manage this ever so important relationship
  • Richards discusses important considerations everyone with a mortgage should know about the current deferrals being offered by banks
  • How to protect yourself against the banks
  • How to find potential errors on your credit report

Links from the show:

Richard’s contact:

Book recommendations:

  • The Richest Man in Babylon – by George Samuel Clason
  • The Wealthy Barber – by David Chilton

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