Episode #17: “Why Your Story is Your Greatest Asset”

with James “Mac” McPartland | Executive Coach | Author | Speaker


James Kevin McPartland AKA “Mac”  is an executive coachauthor, and keynote speaker. He is the Founder of a training and consulting organization, helping leaders and their teams access breakthrough performance to elevate business results. A long-time student of the science of achievement, James has over 25 years of experience working with organizations to sustainably generate greater success, inspire innovation, and accelerate growth. He has worked with CEOs and executives in such companies as Bank of America, IBM, Nespresso, Kellogg’s, Dow Chemical, Athletes First, and 24 Hour Fitness to transform their organizational cultures into ones of enthusiastic dedication, aligned collaboration, peak performance, and exceptional accomplishment.

James is the author of the critically acclaimed Unopened Gifts ®, a non-traditional business novel series aimed at helping leaders recognize how their personal issues and style contribute to their business’s challenges and how to change them.

Highlights of the Show:

  • The power of understanding your personal story and the pitfalls of simply trying to “outrun” your story
  • Why Mac left being a CEO of a multi- hundred-million-dollar company to work on this “story”
  • How the characters of your “life story” influence your money story
  • The importance of understanding your money intention
  • Based on years of research, Mac touches on what facilitates humans to change
  • The risk of focusing on our external identity over our inner identity
  • Why living & spending within your core values are key for happiness
  • How focusing on your current self and future self can bring joy, happiness and fulfilment
  • The benefits of climbing the great mountain of mastery with not top


  • “I am going to take my superman cap off and the identity to that story” Mac
  • “The hardest person to get to know is me” Mac
  • “Too often I squeezed life around work” Mac
  • “Our outside entity is a mirror reflection of what is inside” Mac
  • “You can’t give anything away unless you own it” Mac
  • “Our lives demonstrate what matters to us the most. Life doesn’t lie. What we place the highest value on is what our life will reveal” Mac  
  • “Your day is your life in miniature” Mac


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