Episode #19 “How to Take Back Your Time”

Tim Tsai: International Real Estate Investor – Award Winning Mentor – Business Coach


After retiring at the age of 30, Tim began to pursue another goal and passion of his – helping those who are committed to achieving financial freedom do the same. To this day, Tim continues to be an active investor as he believes investing is a “lead by example” venture. With the investment he made in his financial education, Tim became financially free in 2 years (25 months to be exact) after his first training. In the past few years, Tim has built cash-flowing portfolios in Canada, the US and the UK, using various strategies.

Highlights of the Show:

  • How and why Tim decided to retire himself at the young age of 30
  • Despite making six figures in his job, Tim was miserable, and depression almost took his life
  • Tim shares how his cultural pressures around money made placed intense pressures that made him miserable  
  • How the corporate “rat race” caused major health concerns for Tim
  • Tim shares how he lost his “pants” in real estate and how he retired himself with real estate
  • The importance of understanding how money works BEFORE you decide on the actual tool that will make you money
  • How the pursuit of money doesn’t actually make us happy
  • Why time is one of the biggest sources of freedom we can have
  • Tim explains how his five core values help him navigate life, money, business and finding his life’s purpose


  • “Heart attacks never almost took my life; depression did,” Tim Tsai
  • “I had to break up with my relationship with money” Tim Tsai
  • “Everyone is trying dollars for hours, and that’s not sustainable” Tim Tsai
  • “Bringing joy into the things you choose to do everyone” Tim Tsai


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