A Humanistic Approach to Your Relationship with Money with Dr. Mary Bell Carlson

Dr. Mary Bell Carlson Ph.D., CFP®, AFC® | Financial Behavior Expert | Speaker | Author


Meet Dr. Mary Bell Carlson, a financial behaviour expert, renowned speaker, and storyteller. With a diverse background, including a Ph.D. in financial planning focusing on financial therapy, CFP®, AFC®, and over 15 years of experience as a financial counsellor in various capacities, Mary’s work has positively impacted countless individuals and families in improving their financial well-being. As the President and founder of the Financial Behavior Keynote Group, she offers thought leadership on financial behaviour change through speaking, consulting, and education. Mary is also the co-host of the Real Money, Real Experts podcast and serves as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Georgia.

Why You Should Listen:

Join us in this conversation as we delve into the profound impacts of taking a humanistic approach to talking and dealing with money. Dr. Mary Bell Carlson’s insights shed light on how money’s influence extends beyond mere dollars and cents in our bank accounts. She emphasizes the importance of fostering financial trust, building financial agency, and recognizing the psychological aspects of money to create true financial confidence.


  1. Embracing a Humanistic Perspective: Discover how a deeper understanding of the human psyche can transform financial conversations and improve outcomes.
  2. Listening and Understanding: Learn why active listening and genuine curiosity about clients are crucial to building meaningful financial connections.
  3. Navigating Change: Explore the transtheoretical model of change and how patience is essential when guiding clients through financial transformations.
  4. Internal vs. External Control: Gain insights into the role of locus of control in shaping financial behaviour and strategies to navigate it effectively.
  5. Evidence-Based Approach: Understand the significance of relying on evidence-based research in financial discussions and decision-making, combining expertise with proven theories.


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