Net Worth vs. Self-Worth: Insights from Money Coaching

With Deborah Price | CEO of Money Coaching Institute | Author |


In this episode, Shaun chats with Deborah Price, a money coach, about how our personal identity ties into our relationship with money. They explore how family heritage shapes our money beliefs and the influence of spirituality and philosophy on our financial mindset.

Deborah explains how we can uncover and change our unconscious money habits. She emphasizes the importance of understanding our deeper needs and not linking our self-worth to our net worth.

The conversation touches on how trauma affects our financial behaviour and the importance of self-acceptance. They discuss how spirituality can bring more meaning to our financial lives and warn against the constant chase for material possessions, which can harm our well-being.

Deborah explains the unique approach of money coaching, which looks at money’s psychological and behavioural aspects. She stresses that self-awareness and self-love are key and that we must address the root causes of our financial issues, not just focus on budgeting.

A main takeaway? For a happy and healthy relationship with money, know and love yourself.


  • Family lineage and experiences shape our money beliefs and behaviours, and understanding these influences can help us make conscious choices.
  • Including spirituality and philosophy in our relationship with money can help us find deeper meaning and fulfillment beyond material possessions.
  • Changing our behaviour at the root requires uncovering unconscious beliefs and taking intentional actions to create new patterns.
  • Separating our self-worth from our net worth allows us to cultivate a healthier and more balanced relationship with money.
  • Traumas (little ones and big ones) can have a significant impact on our relationship with money, leading to patterns of fear and a belief that it is not safe to have money.
  • Uncovering unconscious beliefs and patterns is essential for understanding and changing our financial behaviours.
  • The constant pursuit of material possessions and the misalignment of our values can negatively impact our overall well-being.
  • Money coaching offers a unique approach that focuses on understanding the neurodynamics and behavioural side of money, leading to effective and lasting change.


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