Episode #120 “How To Rewrite Our Financial Narratives”

Christina Blacken | Founder of The New Quo

In this episode, we are joined by Christina Blacken, public speaker, performer, and founder of The New Quo. The New Quo is a leadership development and equity consultancy, helping leaders create equitable practices, habits, and goals through their narrative intelligence. Christina shares her own personal story and how understanding the psychological impact of historical, cultural, and personal narratives on beliefs, bias, and behaviors has helped her improve her bias recognition and create more inclusive and equitable communication, goal setting, decision making, and relationship building skills.

We discuss how to identify and challenge the social and cultural narratives that shape our beliefs about money, and how to use narrative intelligence to shift our financial narratives and create goals that are aligned with our values and equitable for all. We also explore the negative effects of “hoarding” money and how outdated narratives are impacting policy that isn’t equitable.

Key Highlights Include:

– How understanding your money story allows you to make meaningful and lasting change

– The influence of family, parents, and culture on our money stories

– The role of unconscious beliefs and habits in shaping our financial behaviorsHow to use narrative intelligence to shift narratives that are holding you back

– The importance of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-alignment in building a healthy relationship with money

– The negative effects of “hoarding” money

– The impact of outdated narratives on policy that isn’t equitable


– “Make a way out of no way” Christina Blacken

– “Equity is a redistribution of power and resources so we can all have the best outcomes and futures” Christina Blacken

– “Let go of outdated, crusty narratives that aren’t serving your well” Christina Blacken

– “You can’t change a problem if you don’t know it exist” Christina Blacken


– Sway Them In Color: CLICK HERE

– The New Quo Website: CLICK HERE

– Change The Status Quo Through Your Narrative Intelligence White Paper: CLICK HERE

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