Episode #125 “Learn How to Navigate Life’s Financial Transitions”

Susan Bradley, CFP®, CeFT® | Founder of the Sudden Money® Institute


Join us as we dive into the world of financial transitions with Susan Bradley, the founder of the Sudden Money® Institute. Susan’s 20-year journey has been dedicated to helping individuals navigate the financial changes that come with life’s transitions. With her motto, “when life changes, money changes, and when money changes, life changes,” Susan has developed processes and tools to help people understand the impact of sudden changes in their financial lives.

Why You Should Listen:

During this episode, Susan shares her expertise on navigating financial transitions and how taking a deeper look at change can help us understand ourselves and our money stories on a deeper and richer level. We discuss the four stages of financial change and how we can apply them to our lives. You will learn why it’s important to recognize the change in our lives and pay special attention to how it impacts our financial lives and the importance of thoroughly understanding how to navigate financial transitions.

Key Learning Points:

– Understanding the impact of sudden changes on our financial lives

– The importance of recognizing change and its impact on our finances

– Navigating the four stages of financial change (anticipation, ending, passage, new normal)

– Understanding how to navigate financial transitions


– “Change can happen quickly, transitions take years, yet their impacts transform” – Susan Bradley

– “When life changes, money changes and when money changes, life changes” – Susan Bradley

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