Episode #126 “Philosophy for a Fulfilling Life: Beyond the Pursuit of Happiness”

With Adam Adatto Sandel | Philosopher | Author | District Attorney |


Welcome to The Most Hated F-Word; in this episode, we’re joined by Adam Adatto Sandel, a philosopher, Guinness World Record holder in pull-ups, and assistant district attorney in Brooklyn. Adam argues that the key to happiness is not goal-driven striving but forging a life that integrates self-possession, friendship, and engagement with nature. We’ll dive into the learning and wisdom from his book “Happiness in Action: A Philosopher’s Guide to Living a Good Life” and discuss how to create a new relationship to time by embracing happiness in action.

Why You Should Listen:

Are you tired of the never-ending cycle of goal-oriented striving and the pursuit of happiness? Are you ready to live a fulfilling life that is not just defined by your accomplishments? In this episode, Adam shares his insights and wisdom on how philosophy can act as a guide to help us reflect on what it means to live a good life. He offers a surprising answer to the age-old question of happiness and explains how to find true happiness by immersing oneself in activity that is intrinsically rewarding.

Key Learning Points:

– What happiness is and why it’s difficult to articulate.

– The role of philosophy in guiding us towards a good life.

– The central theme is that we lose ourselves in our goal-oriented striving mentality when approaching a task.

– The three virtues that can help us achieve “happiness in action”: are self-possession, genuine friendship, and engagement with nature.

– How embracing “happiness in action” can help us create a new relationship to time and find fulfillment in life.


Happiness in Action: A Philosopher’s Guide to the Good Life Hardcover by Adam Adatto Sandel

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