Episode #121: “Creating Wealth and Happiness: A Conversation with Simone Milasas”

Simone Milasas | Author | Creator

Join us as we sit down with Simone Milasas, entrepreneur, author and founder of Joy of Business. Simone has been instrumental in growing Access Consciousness from 4 to 176 countries and mentoring entrepreneurs globally to create greater wealth and happiness.

In this episode, Simone shares her personal journey of how she transformed her relationship with money and got out of debt joyfully.


– Learn about the power of choosing what you know and trusting yourself to make behavior changes and how it can improve your relationship with money.

– Discover how embracing “relaxation” and “peace” can help us repair our relationships with money and why it is important.

– Get Simone’s insights on reframing judgments that hold us back and the importance of being open to receiving in creating wealth and happiness.

– Understand how your energy with money can impact your financial life and how to shift into a more positive energy

– Explore the benefits of asking yourself the question, “If your life was a party, would money come?” and how it can change your relationship with money.

– Learn about Simone’s simple yet profound shift in perspective when she asked herself, “What if the purpose of life was to have fun?” and how it transformed her relationship with money.

If you’re ready to transform your relationship with money and create greater wealth and happiness, tune in to this episode of “Creating Wealth and Happiness” with Simone Milasas.


– Simone’s website: CLICK HERE

– Access Consciousness: CLICK HERE

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