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Episode #83 “Creating Your New Money Story”

With Dr. David Krueger | Founder | Executive Coach | Psychiatrist |


David Krueger, M.D. is an Executive Mentor Coach, and CEO of MentorPath®, an executive coaching, training, and publishing firm. Integrating the mind, brain, and performance sciences with strategic coaching, he helps practicing professionals and executives achieve and sustain peak performance.

Author of 24 trade and professional books on success, wellness, money, and self-development, and 75 scientific papers, his book The Secret Language of Money (McGraw Hill) is a Business Bestseller translated into 10 languages. Latest Book Releases: ENGAGING THE INEFFABLE: Toward Mindfulness and Meaning (Paragon House) YOUR NEW MONEY STORY: The Beliefs, Behaviors, and Brain Science to Rewire for Wealth (Rowman & Littlefield, New York/London

Dr. Krueger formerly practiced and taught Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis and was Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine.  He founded and served as CEO for two healthcare corporations, co-founded a third startup that went from venture capital to merger/acquisition, and founded Houston Gathering of Angels, an angel investment group.


  • How to apply the fields of psychology and neuroscience to our money stories
  • How to think about the cost of money
  • How we can make our money stories more conscious
  • A road map on how to revise or re-write our new money stories
  • The importance of having a system in place to create sustainable change
  • Why AC/DC‘s song Money talks were their highest charting single in the USA!


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