Episode #84 “How to Mentally and Financially Live, Learn and Thrive in this Information Age”

With Dr. Charles Chaffin | Author | Researcher | Educator


Charles Chaffin is a consultant, researcher, and educator focusing on a variety of topics related to financial planning. He works at the intersection of cognitive psychology, education, and financial planning. For 12 years, he served as Director of Academic Initiatives at CFP Board Center, leading research activities including the Academic Research Colloquium as well as Founding Executive Editor Financial Planning Review. He has been co-academic director of the client psychology program at Wharton and director of the teaching seminar at Columbia university.

He has written and edited five books related to financial planning, including his most recent book, Numb: How the information age dulls our senses and how we can get them back. Dr. Chaffin is the host of his own podcast, “The Numb Podcast.”


  • The impacts of cognitive overload around ALL the information available within personal finances.
  • How to manage, retain and implement information
  • How to use information to deepen our relationships
  • How to deal with distractions, the push and pulls that challenge our attention
  • The negative impacts of doom scrolling
  • How to develop a positive relationship with information


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